The 2020-22 Winners

We awarded riderships to Danielle Walsh, Kerstin Maroney, and Jenifer McAlexander in our seventh year of honoring Mark Bosworth with this grant fund! Since CO2020 and 2021 were cancelled, we will sponsor these same riders in 2022! They are all willing and excited to go!

Danielle Walsh

Yachats, Oregon

April 2020, overlooking the north fork of the Yachats River

Danielle is a mental health counselor who specializes in working with the LGBTQ+ community. She recently relocated from Portland to Yachats, Oregon. She uses cycling as a way to care for her body and mind; cycling helps her be more effective and present in her work with clients. Danielle is incredibly grateful and excited to participate in Cycle Oregon with the support of the Mark Bosworth Fund.

Kerstin Maroney

Portland, Oregon

Kerstin Maroney, Keeping Calm and Pedaling On!

An avid cyclist in her 20s, Kerstin left the sport to care for her two daughters, one of whom has severe disabilities. In 2014, Kerstin retired from teaching high school English and her family moved to a house with an attached apartment so that their adult daughter could receive comprehensive home care services. Kerstin now volunteers with foster children as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and, after the 2016 election, as a grassroots political activist.

After her daughter’s move to supported living, Kerstin rediscovered her passion for cycling and group riding. For the first time in decades, she greatly enjoys hitting the streets for the physical and mental boost cycling offers. She is deeply grateful to the Mark Bosworth Fund for sponsoring her ridership in Cycle Oregon, a dream that seemed unattainable just six years ago.

Wonderful note! Kerstin will be joining the group, but has decided to pay it forward and allow a future rider to use her funds, since she is now able to fund her own CO registration in 2022. — The Mark Bosworth Fund board.

Jenifer McAlexander

Eugene, Oregon

Jenifer McAlexander

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