The 2019 Winners

We are proud to award our 2019 riderships to Alexa Jakusovszky, Yoko Kinoshita, and Linda Watts in our seventh year of honoring Mark Bosworth with this grant fund!

Alexa Jakusovszky

Salem, Oregon

About Alexa: My favorite thing about biking is how accessible it is. Seniors, young people, low income people, people with disabilities, injured athletes, and heavier people — people who are generally underrepresented in athletic circles — can all participate in long distance biking. The world of bike touring is the next frontier that needs to be addressed in creating inclusive spaces for these groups.

The advocacy branch of my career path has parallels to Mark's path in a few ways. I worked in the active transportation advocacy space and have also worked in the public policy arena. As a result, I am regularly engaged in conversations around transportation, infrastructure, accessibility and sustainability. There is power in coming together with a diverse group of people to talk about the things you love. For me, that thing is biking.

Yoko Kinoshita

Lake Oswego, Oregon, and Japan.

About Yoko: Accepting from Japan, Yoko says she hopes to share her adventure with people in Japan. We have no picture of Yoko with her bicycle yet — she's never taken a bicycle picture before, and her bicycle is at her home in Oregon. We hope to post a photo in June after she arrives back in the US.

Yoko heard about MBF from Dr. Oscar Fernandez (one of our previous MBF riders). Yoko and Oscar are associated via Portland State University.

Linda Watts

Portland, Oregon

About Linda: When Linda heard she'd been awarded a ridership, she wrote: I was half way through day one of my annual bike ride that goes from Champoeg Park to Corvallis and back the next day. This our 8th year and my two friends who started the ride with me try to get a dozen women, especially those who have not done an overnight ride before, to join us. They were almost as excited for me as I was and said we need the perfect spot for a picture. This photo was taken later on the ride, on the Union Street bridge in Salem.

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