The 2014 Winners

We are proud to award riderships to Ashley, Lillian, and Sara, in our second year of honoring Mark Bosworth with this grant fund.

Ashley Diamond

The Board: We were moved by your personal connections to Mark, and the way he lived his life, and drawn to the way you talked about being a young, athletic woman in the cycling community.

Ashley Diamond

Ashley's initial response: I am incredibly honored and excited to have been chosen as a recipient of a grant from the Mark Bosworth Fund. I happily accept the grant, and look forward to participating in Cycle Oregon this year. I can't wait to start training for the event!

Lillian Karabaic

See Lillian's personal blog!

The Board: "We were impressed by your extensive work and ongoing passion for bicycle advocacy in Portland that Mark was deeply passionate about. We were also excited by your desire to attend Cycle Oregon and connect with a different subset of biking culture while representing the younger and more grassroots Portland biking scene."

Lillian Karabaic

Lillian's initial response: This is very exciting news! I am honored to participate in your Mark's legacy at Cycle Oregon. I'm positive my very bikey boss at the bike shop will give me the week off, so I can say yes now! This is definitely going to be the highlight of the fall for me. :-)

Sara Farley

The Board: We were touched by the story of your daughter convincing you to try cycling for the first time last year and your passion for your new active cycling lifestyle is infectious. You are ready for this ride and we are excited to be able to provide you with the means to meet this challenge head on.

Sara Farley

Sara's initial response: I am honored and excited that you have chosen me for the Mark Bosworth scholarship . Excited maybe a little bit of an understatement I am ecstatic and I look forward to Cycle Oregon in September . Thank you for choosing me :)

Sara's Story of how she came to apply: I heard about Cycle Oregon from my friend Luci. I met Luci this last year because she trains with a friend of mine at our local gym and when she heard that I had started Cycling she suggested we all go on a ride together. Bike rides with Luci became a regular outing over the summer as she was preparing for CO 2013 and she suggested that I check out Cycle Oregon she said I would love it. Luci has been doing CO for the past six years and when she left to go to CO in September of 2013 I thought to myself I might want to try CO next year. Luci returned from CO with great stories and a reenergized and renewed spirit, I was in awe. As my passion for cycling grew, Luci took note and would throw the bug in my ear about CO. When it came time to register for CO this year Luci asked if I was going to register, but with my husband losing his job of 15 years this past year, I didn’t think it would be feasible for me to go to CO this year, so Luci signed up without me. Then in March of this year Luci told me about the Mark Bosworth Scholarship Fund and suggested that I apply for it. I decided to apply and when reading Marks story I was touched by how a family took such a tragic event in their lives and turned into something positive. I am excited and honored to be receiving the Mark Bosworth Scholarship and look forward to riding in the memory of Mark and his family. Let the training begin.

We are Proud

Need we say it again? The board is very proud and happy with our winners. We look forward to hearing their stories!

Ridership winners in The Dalles on Day 0.

Front row: MBF Riders Sara, Lillian, and Ashley.
Back row: Mark's nephew Zachary, Mark's brother Eric, Mark's friend and MBF board member John; Mark's volunteer cohort Kirsten. Photo by Greg Lee.

Ridership winners In Tygh Valley on Day 6

From left to right: Ashley, Sara, Mark's wife Julie, Mark's daughters Claire and Kelly. Photoshopped in: Lillian. Photo by Greg Lee.

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