The Mark Bosworth Fund

Mark with helmet on his medical equipment

Mark Bosworth was last seen by friends the evening of Sept 16, 2011 when he said goodnight and headed to his tent in Riddle, Oregon. It was the final night of Cycle Oregon 2011, where he was one of 125 volunteers assisting the week-long ride. Despite a massive search and rescue effort, there are no clear clues what happened to Mark. He is still missing, and he is deeply missed by many.

Mark's family decided to honor him by setting up the Mark Bosworth Fund to give a scholarship to one person each year to ride Cycle Oregon. The fee for the week-long ride ($895 in 2013) prevents some people from participating. Mark would love the idea of covering the fee for someone each year, perhaps someone under 30 years of age (Mark loved mentoring young people and getting them on bikes!) and someone who has never been on the Week Ride before. Cycle Oregon loves the idea too, and will hold a spot for our scholarship recipient. The goal is to create an endowment of $25,000 - $30,000 to enable the fund to give the annual scholarship indefinitely.

The bank account has a good start toward the MBF endowment goal. Once the goal is reached, fundraising will no longer be need to be a priority.

The Mark Bosworth Fund is incorporated in the Oregon as a non profit company and we are registered under the Charitable Trust and Corporation Act of the Oregon Department of Justice. We officially rcvd Non-profit status on March 4th, 2013. What you need to know:
The Mark Bosworth Fund is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, Tax ID# 46-0892548.

The Board

MBF Board Members on a Zoom call, April 2, 2020. (Eric was On Duty at Kaiser!)

Julie, Kelly, Claire (Mark's wife and daughters) administer the fund. Other board Members are Eric Bosworth (Mark's brother), Ingrid Nylen (Cycle Oregon staff, now retired from CO), John Miller (friend and co-worker at Metro), Cole LaLomia... friend of the family.

Also shown above Kirsten Comandich (Mark's cohort in Rider Services), retired from the board in 2023.

The board will:

In the future, The Board may decide to sponsor a Weekend Ride for a family of riders, or change the award, or process, in order to better the MBF mission.

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